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Seaworld diving center
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SeaWorld Staff at Novotel

  • Andrea Pusceddu

    Andrea Pusceddu

    Owner, SSI Instructor Trainer, SNSI Instructor Languages: Italian and English Dives: 8000+ In Egypt since 2001. Diving Intructor since 1992, he is taking care of the equipment, compressors and team.
  • Andrea Ferrario

    Andrea Ferrario

    Owner, PADI Intructor Languages: Italian, English and French Dives: 5000+ Diving Instructor in Egypt since 2004
  • Valentina Maffi

    Valentina Maffi

    Owner, SSI Divemaster Languages: Italian and English Dives: ????+
  • Bazooka (Mohamed Ali)

    Bazooka (Mohamed Ali)

    PADI Divemaster Languages: Arabic, English and Italian Dives: ????+
  • Ramadan Essa

    Ramadan Essa

    PADI Divemaster Languages: Arabic, English and Italian Dives: ????+
  • Monika Sander

    Monika Sander

    SSI and PADI Instructor Languages: German and English Dives: 3000+
  • Angie


    28/12/2001 - 27/06/2014 Was born in Sharm el Sheik. Expert swimmer, she was always careful to welcome each customer, to take a few caresses and sometimes cookies. Never forget her.
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Snorkelling with SeaWorld

What’s the meaning of Snorkeling?

In the last years every aquasport center use this word, but not everyone knows what it is; Snorkeling is one of the way to discover the amazing sea life while equipped with a diving mask, a shaped tube called a snorkel, and usually fins. The tube or snorkel helps to breathe while face-down at the surface, the fins help swimming with relatively little effort and the mask allows you to admire the wonderful marine life. Everyone can enjoy snorkeling, don’t need to be skilled swimmers, you can use a life jacket to float feeling safe to whom have never tried it before. Discover a place with a local guide it is more safe and easy and he can show you up something that you miss to notice. Seaworld Diving Center organizes snorkeling trips by boat or by beach and our experienced guide will swim ever with you.


The trips from the beach takes just half day, so you will be in time for your lunch in the hotel. Perfect trips for everyone, even for beginners or families with small children also. ALL the excursions include: expert guide, flotation vest, water and soft drinks. The list of the snorkeling trips we offer are:

Abu Dabbab Bay

An ideal place for those who love diving and snorkeling, but also very suitable for those who are not experienced swimmers and for the whole family (there are sun umbrellas and chaise longue).  The reef north and south protects this bay from the open sea, and the sandy bottom, sloping down gently, provides easy access into the water (ideal for kids).

Giant turtles and the dugong are among the most famous animals that can be found in this bay; they are a natural and wild marine animals, so it can happen that you can’t find them, however, the giant green turtles are more sedentary and with a good chance you can meet them. There are not only dugongs and sea turtles in Abu Dabbab Bay, you can also see other rare animals, like guitar sharks, completely harmless, giant breeds, titan triggerfishes, puffer fishes, jacks and barracudas also. Along the reef you could also find scorpion fishes, stone fishes, crocodile fishes, butterfly fishes and plenty of colourful corals of Red Sea. This makes Abu Dabbab a “must” to be visited during your holiday in Marsa Alam. Seaworld diving center guides you in the middle of the bay and along the reef.

Marsa Egla

This bay is located few kilometres from the city of Marsa Alam and offers a wide and wild sandy beach, with easy access to the reef and sheltered from rough seas where you can enjoy and snorkel in peace. The bay is rich in marine life with frequent sightings of large turtles and rarely also the famous dugong, in the middle of the bay there is wide sea grass ground where these animal and turtles feed on.


Marsa Shoona

This beach is located a few kilometres south of Port Ghalib and offers beautiful scenery of colors between the white sandy beach and the turquoise red sea. The seabed drops very slowly and is suitable even for non-experts and children. Even here there is a chance to see giant sea turtles, many colourful fishes that inhabit the coral reef, clown fishes, spotted rays, parrot fishes and many other tropical fishes typical of the Red Sea. After the snorkeling tour you can relax walking along a white sandy beach and admire the spectacle of nature that this area offers.



Dolphin House, also called Sha'ab Samadai Reef, is a popular and well-known site of Marsa Alam, also become marine protected area and national park in 2001, in order to protect this area with fragile ecosystems and with high turnout of people. Some rules are in place, like:

-Maximum boats per day set at 10;

-100-150 Visitors a day;

-Time limited (10:00 to 14:00);

-Creating an area bounded by floating buoys reserved only for the dolphins, in which is strictly forbidden to swim.

Life jacket mandatory for everyone Dolphin House is a large semicircular reef, creating a lagoon, calm and sheltered from rough seas, where a big family of dolphins often goes to rest. Here you can swim with the dolphins till the area bounded by buoys. However, dolphins are not always there, of course, can also happen not to find them. Obviously Dolphin House offers the opportunity to swim next to the coral reef, where you can admire beautiful coral and tropical fishes of the Red Sea. The Marine Park of Dolphin House is accessible only by boat. Seaworld Diving Center organizes daily boat trips, departing from the port of Marsa Alam. The excursion includes:

-Transfer by bus (with air condition) till Marsa Alam port;

-Transfer by boat (about 30 meters long);

-entrance ticket to the national park;

-water, coffee and soft drinks;

-lunch on board;

-Snorkeling guide

-Life jacket


Shaab Paradise or even Shaab Marsa Alam is a reef off the city of Marsa Alam. It is a site suitable for everyone, where you can admire the beautiful and colourful coral reefs and where often passes by a large family of dolphins. Due to its location, the reef protects from rough sea and you can snorkel in complete tranquillity . The site is reachable only by boat and Seaworld diving center organizes daily trips The excursion includes:

-Transfer by bus (with air condition) till Marsa Alam port;

-Transfer by boat (about 30 meters long);

-entrance ticket to the national park;

-water, coffee and soft drinks;

-lunch on board;

-Snorkeling guide

-Life jacket

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