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Dive Sites from Sea Beach

  • Gabel el Rosas

    Gabel el Rosas

    Depth reached +30m. Shore Dive Minimum Level: OWD
  • Villa Nord

    Villa Nord

    Another dive site that is reachable only with our speed boat. Along this part of coast you can enjoy 4 different dive sites. There is a main drop then a short plateau and then another drop at around 30 mt. This part of the coast is still untouched and so amazing. Table corals, red anemones, green turtles, caretta caretta turtles, jack fishes, tunas, coral gardens all around, groupers, etc. Depth reachable : from 17 to more than 30 meters
    Depth reached +30m. Speed Boat Dive Minimum Level: OWD
  • Villa South

    Villa South

    Depth reached +30m. Speed Boat Dive Minimum Level: OWD
  • Abu Dabbab Reefs

    Abu Dabbab Reefs

    This dive spot or better spots (the name of each is Abu Dabba 1, Abu Dabbab 2, Abu Dabbab 3, etc.) are in the open sea just in front of Abu Dabbab bay. They are reachable just with speed boat. There are 7 different coral reefs that grown up from the bottom till the surface. The most beautiful are the number 1 and number 2. The bottom is just 16 mt, but even if not deep you can enjoy visiting the coral formation all around these reefs. These coral formations host the most of the red sea coral fishes. Depth reachable : from 12 to 16 meters.
    Depth reached +30m. Speed Boat Dive Minimum Level: OWD
  • Mubarak Nord

    Mubarak Nord

    It’s one of the most famous bay in this area. The inside of the bay is not so interesting, but some time you can find the Sea Cow (dugong) and some green turtles, is good also for snorkelers. Anyway we will dive in the outside area where the coral formations are still amazing and not damaged. Coral fishes, barracudas, groupers will join us during this wonderful dive. Depth reachable : from 12 to more than 24 meters.
    Depth reached +30m. Speed Boat Dive Minimum Level: OWD
  • Fayrouz


    This unbelievable coloured dive site is reachable only with our speed boat. It’s 5 minutes away on the right of Port Ghalib. Enjoy this drift dive and diving through the canyons and amazing coral formations, where easily you can find school of barracudas, giant Moray eels, scorpion fishes, jack fishes. Depth reachable : from 12 to more than 30 meters
    Depth reached +30m. Speed Boat Dive Minimum Level: OWD
  • Abu Ghusun

    Abu Ghusun

    This cargo vessel with a length of 65 metres sunk on 28 June 1933. Bags of polythene granules, a Saudi petro-chemical export, can still be seen in the cargo hold. The vessel lies on its' starboard side in two sections. The most impressive and relatively intact features include the bridge, the rudder and stern propeller. The wreck has attracted many types of coral and marine life including Napoleons, Lionfish, Parrotfish, Surgeon fish, Butterfly fish and Moray eel. It's a bewitching dive site and a beautiful reminder of the delicate harmony and balance between man and nature. Depth of Wreck: 0 to 18 metres and suitable for all diving levels.
    Depth reached +20m. Shore Dive Minimum Level: OWD
  • Om Osaiel

    Om Osaiel

    One of the most beautiful dives, characterized by large formations of hard corals (Poritas) and pinnacles rising from some bars of white sand, creating a dreamlike landscape, home of many different kind schools of reef fishes, morays, spotted eagle rays, turtles. The entrance is a crack in the coral barrier that is reached by a short walk from the beach. The dive BOOTS are mandatory. Is not recommended in rough sea.
    Depth reached +30m. Shore Dive Minimum Level: OWD
  • Abu Dabbab

    Abu Dabbab

    Depth reached +20Mt. Entry from the beach .The most 'beautiful and famous bay of Marsa Alam. 99% possibility meeting the giant turtles in the middle of the bay and a magnificent wall full of fish and coral fan on south reef, crocodile fish, stone fish, scorpion fish, rays, surgeon fish, beautiful fan corals. no difficulties
    Depth reached +20m. Shore Dive Minimum Level: OWD
  • Marsa Murein

    Marsa Murein

    Entry from the beach through a channel onto a sandy plateau which slowly degrades. North and South: rich of barrier fishes, , crocodile fish, scorpion, possibility of meeting the dugong. When the sea is rough possibility of current undertow
    Depth reached +30m. Shore Dive Minimum Level: OWD
  • Marsa Egla

    Marsa Egla

    The bay is one of the most calm in Marsa Alam and sheltered. Although it remains shallow for about 15 min, both north and south 'beautiful, possibility of crocodile fish, squid moray eels, turtle races.,SEA COW With rough seas there is the possibility having `poor visibility.
    Depth reached +20m. Shore Dive Minimum Level: OWD
  • Marsa Shoona

    Marsa Shoona

    Entry from the beach. South: detaching from the wall, you can get to middle of the bay where there is' a pinacol with turtles usually 2 or 3; also on the prairie grass is possible meet from the large breeds, guitar sharks and turtles, rarely also the dugong North: sometimes moderate tidal current that leads off. Many anemones, hard corals and small of barracuda.
    Depth reached +14m. Shore Dive Minimum Level: OWD
  • Sharm el Shooni

    Sharm el Shooni

    Entry from the beach from an hole on the reef and find a depth of 3 meters with a channel to get to the reef through to open sea. North and South: characterized by large hard corals and many reef fish, rays, scorpion fish, maybe white tip shark. The exit from the hole is very suggestive Recommended to use boots. Is not recommended in rough sea.
    Depth reached +30m. Shore Dive Minimum Level: OWD
  • The Canyon

    The Canyon

    Entry from spectacular canyon trought the reef. A channel leading to open sea and series of steps in the rock on the right with magnificent play of light. Possibility of Walkman see fish, scorpion fish lion, moray eels, unicorn, many races and puffer fish, crocodile. North and South both beautiful Recommended use of boots.
    Depth reached +30m. Shore Dive Minimum Level: OWD
  • Shaab Paradise

    Shaab Paradise

    A navigation from the port of Marsa Alam is 20min and offers different possibilities of magnificent diving. Especially there are two beautiful coral gardens in the north and east, rich in fish. Sometimes there is the possibility to swim with dolphins within the atoll. The anchor of the boat is protected from waves.
    Depth reach +30m. Boat Dive Minimum Level: OWD
  • Dolphin House

    Dolphin House

    National Park. By diving is not easy to see the dolphins that are in the middle of the Atoll (forbidden zone diving). Very interesting feature is the passage in a cave, open to the surface. The dives are made outside the atoll formations and between coral rising from a sandy bottom of 15 m. to the surface.
    Depth reached +30. Boat Dive Minimum Level: OWD
  • Elphinstone


    One of the 10 most beautiful dives. in the world .It is a reef in the middle of the sea 500m long and `north and south ends with two Plateu. Soft corals of various colors and giant grgonie are the main feature, also is possible to see large pelagic fish, as tunas and jacks and even sharks. Computer mandatory.
    Depth reached +30m. Speed Boat dive Minimum Level: AOWD
  • Eel Garden House Reef

    Eel Garden House Reef

    Main reef with a fall of 12-14mt and slowly degrades with several pinnacles. Current :little or absent.Entry and Exit depending on conditions sea. Features : rays lion fish, stone fish, butterfly,moray eels, Spanish dancers, puffers, anemone and clown fish, cleaner shrimp, beautiful hard coral.
    Depth reached +30m. House Reef Minimum Level: OWD
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