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Seaworld diving center
Anemone clown fish
Red Anemone with clown fish
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Dive Sites from Novotel

  • Sough Bohar Sud

    Sough Bohar Sud

  • Sough Bohar Nord

    Sough Bohar Nord

  • Zereb Soghaier Sud

    Zereb Soghaier Sud

  • Zereb Kebir Nord

    Zereb Kebir Nord

  • Mangroove


  • Abu Sawatir

    Abu Sawatir

  • Bet Goha Sud

    Bet Goha Sud

  • Torfa 7

    Torfa 7

  • Mubarak Nord

    Mubarak Nord

  • Villa Sud

    Villa Sud

  • Villa Nord

    Villa Nord

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