€ 350

Started on 05/30/20242 days / 5 dives

Would you like to  enrich your diving techniques and knowledge but don’t know which specialty to choose? The Advanced Adventurer course offers you the chance to try different specialities. It’s a great way to experience what advanced scuba training is all about, and how valuable it can be to your scuba diving adventures. With the Advanced Adventurer program you will try 5 different specialties. The course includes one open water training dive for each specialty after a full briefing with your SSI Instructor. With this course you will be able to choose in total freedom together with your SSI instructor, the specialties you prefer. You will be able to complete the full specialties at any time in the future, using education credit from your Advanced Adventurer training.

MIN. AGE N. DIVES Max. Depth
10 years
30 mt
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