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Anemone clown fish
Red Anemone with clown fish
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Dive Sites from Novotel

  • Mubarak Nord

    Mubarak Nord

  • Torfa 7

    Torfa 7

    It’s so nice cause is so different from the other shore dive. The entry it’s through a Canyon, but when you exit from it, don’t expect to see a plateau in front of you but just a drop. You can enjoy also the canyon that start at 30 m with fantastic soft coral that welcome you. This canyon is too deep for the most of us, anyway on the right as well on the left you can enjoy a coral drop where is quite easy to see some eel morays. The max depth reachable is more than 30 m. Boots
  • Bet Goha South

    Bet Goha South

    Outstanding dive site. The favorite of Andrea. It’s a labyrinth of pinnacles, fishes everywhere, amazing soft coral, one giant Gorgonia coral on the left, red anemone close to the entry. A school of barracudas live there as well a small turtle. The visibility at the begin is always not so good and one rope helps everyone to find the way, but then ..you will see. Like most of this area dive sites, a canyon is the way to go in and out. You can enjoy this dive site only when the sea is not so rough. The max depth reachable
  • Abu Sawatir

    Abu Sawatir

    Enjoyable dive site. It’s a bay, quite shelter, where in front a sand plateau guests a statue of Madonna. On the right and left a coral drop. Scorpion fishes are lying between the drop and the plateau as well blue spotted stingray. AsThe max depth reachable is more than 30 m
  • Mangrove


    It’s the most shelter bay of this area, you can dive there in any sea condition. There are two kind of entry, one from the beach, at the begin of the bay and one from the reef. In any case the boots are mandatory. The begin of the bay could be affected from the visibility. You can see tipical reef coral fishes like surgeon fish, butterfly fish, grouper, lion fish or Crocodile fish. The reef is colored especially on the shallow water and from the middle of the bay on. The max depth reachable is more than 30 mt.
  • Zereb Soghaier Nord

    Zereb Soghaier Nord

    The entry is from the reef, and when you will be in you will find an amazing environment all around you. Big colony of soft corals, fishing swimming, and on the south the famous Anemone Capital, just for advance level cause is deep. One red anemone, 26 mt, is the door of this area, and after 5 minutes you will surround of clown fishes! Also the first level divers can really enjoy this dive site because the north or the south main reef gives you the opportunity to see plenty of fishes and corals. The max depth reachable is more
  • Zereb Soghaier South

    Zereb Soghaier South

  • Soug Bohar Nord

    Soug Bohar Nord

    Spectacular entry with spectacular coral reef. Through a canyon you can reach one of the most beautiful dive site of this area. A sandy plateau welcome us, in which usually one eagle ray stay, till we reach the pinnacles at 30 m that they are full of glassfishes, in the same pinnacles also a table anemone that hidden a family of harlequin shrimps. On the reef you can find scorpion fishes and blue spotted ray. Find barracudas or big trevally is not so difficult here. The north side is also beautiful. The max depth reachable is more than 30 m.
  • Soug Bohar South

    Soug Bohar South

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