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SSI Night / Limited Visibility Specialty

SSI Night / Limited Visibility Specialty


"Diving at night is exciting, adventurous and fascinating!"

The marine world is new and mysterious for humans.

Diving at night allows you to discover this world in a new light, or rather a new night. With the right equipment and a quality torch, you will enjoy incredible nocturnal perspectives to enjoy the life of species that move only at night.

If you would like to learn more about the NIGHT / LIMITED VISIBILITY program, you can obtain the manual and DVD before registering for the course sessions.

Course content :

-Visibility reduced vs Nocturne

-Special equipment

-Diving preparation

-Diving Advanced techniques

The first objective of this SSI Specialty is to teach you specific skills in a pleasant and safe environment. All classes are taught so that you can study at home, study through learning sessions, and dives.

Combine other specialties with your NIGHT / LIMITED VISIBILITY program! NAVIGATION or SEARCH AND RECOVERY are very interesting specialties to combine with the specialty NIGHT / LIMITED VISIBILITY. The possibilities are limitless!

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