The Seaworld diving center is open all year round at the following times:

Mon-Sun 9:00-18:00

The Seaworld diving center accepts cash payments in US Dollars, Euros or Egyptian Liras.

For payments by credit card, Visa and Mastercard circuits are accepted, with the application of a commission

When you arrive at the diving center, we need some information about you. In a few minutes you will fill out a form necessary for registration and it will be necessary to show the diving certification and we will provide a photocopy of your identity document.

The Seaworld diving center accepts internationally recognized certifications.

The hyperbaric chamber is 5 km from the Three Corners Sea Beach office and 50 km from the Novotel office.

The Seaworld diving center is equipped with first aid kits and oxygen cylinders.

This equipment will be brought to all outings both from the beach and from the boat.

All of our guides, instructors and ground staff have been trained by hyperbaric chamber doctors in cardiopulmonary first aid.

For diving at Elphinstone reef the use of the emergency buoy is mandatory (also available for hire at the diving center)

The Seaworld diving center is in partnership with DECO international, the hyperbaric chamber located in Port Ghalib. DECO international offers the possibility of free initial hyperbaric treatment with a donation of 10 euros.

Other types of injuries, lacerations ear infections, wounds or any other necessary medical treatment is not included, for this reason we recommend international travel insurance.

At the diving center it is also possible to purchase weekly DAN coverage (click here for more information)

At the time of your registration you can rent all the equipment you need. Daily or weekly packages are available. A basket will be created especially for you, with a number and your name, at your disposal for every day you need it.

The Seaworld diving center has a large area dedicated to rinsing and drying equipment. Thanks to the efficiency of the ground staff you won’t have to think about doing anything, the team will wash all your equipment which will be stored to dry inside this area, the only thing you will have to remember is the number of your chest and put all the equipment inside!

In winter, a 5mm/7mm wetsuit is recommended. In the summer period until October you can also dive only with the shorty.

If you have the Nitrox certification you can dive with Nitrox at an extra cost

Diving gloves are FORBIDDEN by Egyptian law

The Seaworld diving center organizes 2 times a week boat dives, departing from Port Ghalib or from the port city of Marsa Alam. The exit is daily with departure from the hotel at 8:00 and return at 16:00. Normally 2 dives are made with the possibility of even a third. A delicious lunch will be served on board. Snacks and soft drinks included

The diving center has 12lt aluminum cylinders with INT and DIN connections. For those who need it, at an extra cost, it is possible to rent 15lt cylinders.

Yes of course. Even if you stay in a hotel other than Three Corners Sea Beach or Novotel you will have the opportunity to dive with us. The territory of Marsa Alam is very vast, therefore we advise you to write to us in advance to understand if the hotel where you will spend your holidays is located close enough to our diving. When you are in Marsa Alam you can contact us via whatsapp or messenger to arrange the day of check in, we will come to pick you up to prepare the documents and the equipment basket and to explain the week’s diving program. All transfers are completely free.

Yes. When you go out to dive in the various dive sites you will have the possibility to bring one or more companions at an extra cost and depending on whether the dive site is also suitable for bathers only. You can get more information directly at the diving center.


For more information and doubts send a message.