Good to know…

Seaworld was born from the great passion for diving of Andrea Pusceddu, Andrea Ferrario and Valentina Maffi.
For us, the safety, enjoyment and satisfaction of our guests come first.


Once you arrive at the diving center you will be followed by our staff and oriented on the program and costs of the dives. If you have a disease or take medicines regularly you will need to bring a medical certificate with you.

Once registered and having made your personal equipment box, all you have to think about is enjoying the dives.

Our services are not dedicated only to guide you in diving but also to let you find the equipment ready for the dive in the various dive sites, carry the tank if necessary, rinse your equipment every day and store it to dry in the area dedicated to drying the equipment.

Diving insurance is not compulsory in Egypt, however it is strongly recommended.

If you would like to buy a diving insurance only for your holiday we offer short term DAN international  insurance.

We also collaborate with the Deco World hyperbaricchamber located in Port Ghalib Hospital and you can subscribe a short term insurance too.

It is possible to dive alone but always with a buddy in the house reef. The minimum number of logged dives required to go alone with a buddy is 25 and the use of a computer is mandatory, which you can also rent at the diving center.

If you have the independent diver certification you can dive safely alone, without any companion.

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